Prepare This Tea and You Will Never Have Prostate Problems Again! (Recipe)

It should be consumed 2 times a day for better effects!

One of the biggest health problems that occur in men since ancient times in all parts of the world are the problems with the prostate. They can be of a different kind, strength and shape.

Almost every other man over the age of 45 already has had prostate problems and it is very likely that they will all experience it when they reach a certain age. Recently, this age limit in which every man has this problem has changed.

The prostate is a walnut-sized muscular organ which with one part annularly closes the urinary canal. Its function is the production of mucus that carries sperm.

As men age, they often experience different prostate problems and the most common ones are prostate enlargement, acute and chronic inflammation and prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men with one lung. Problems with the breast or the reproductive organs in women, is practically the same thing as the prostate in men.

When it comes to a natural response against this condition, the choice is not too large. The most commonly used are the cranberry juices and teas or pumpkin seeds and oils.

Yet, here we are going to introduce you to the most powerful and naturally available weapon against all of the prostate diseases. It is a grass called hoary willowherb or small flower hairy willowherb (Epilobiumparviflorum).

The plant thrives in our region and can be found in most herbalist or even herbs sellers on green markets and markets in all the countries of South Eastern Europe.

The purpose of the willowherb waswidely recognizedsince a couple hundred years ago, but over time, under the influence of medicine, its power was slowly forgotten.

The plant is back in the headlines with the help of the famous herbalist from Austria, Maria Treben, whose books have sold over 10 million copies.

Maria Treben personally cured thousands of patients with prostate problems across Europe with using the modest plant willowherb.


Find willowherb, there are several types which you can use as a cure for your prostate:

They are the following: Epilobiumroseum, smallflower hairy willowherb (Epilobiumparviflorum), broad-leaved willowherb (Epilobiummontanum), Epilobiumobscurum, Epilobiumcollinum andalpine willowherb (Epilobiumanagallidifolium).

Fill the tea teapot with one tablespoon of dried or fresh herbs and then pour 2 dl of boiling water. Let it stand like that for 5-10 minutes, remove the herbs and drink the tea.

This tea needs to be drunk twice a day, in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before going to bed. Drink the tea as needed or at least several weeks.

You can expect the first results of your improvement quite quickly.