Natural Treatments for Blemishes and Scars on the Face!

Today we would want to open a topic for which we really got many requests and personal messages. It is about natural methods of treating stains on the face and the scars that remain after acne.

Blemishes on the face are quite common appearance on many people and they may occur as a result of the sun (if we did not protect yourself well from sunlight) , during pregnancy or they occur after treatment of acne. Fortunately there are natural ingredients and natural products that can visibly reduce their appearance and can help us keep them under control.

Let us give you an important advice first: There are many products on the market that promise you miracles for only two days but be careful and always check the declaration of the products before you buy and use them.

Here are the most important ingredients that can help you clear your face:

Vitamin C

Useful ingredient in the fight against blemishes on the face is vitamin C, which has a fantastic effect on the skin and it is good to be consumed internally rather than externally. You will find the declaration of these creams under the name. Sodium ascorbyl phosphate or Ascorbyl palmitate. You should know that is difficult to produce your own serum from pure vitamin C because this vitamin in it’s pure form ascorbic acid is not stable and it’s very difficult to fit into a formula because the rapid oxidation, and after the oxidation loses the effect on the skin.

Therefore quality and natural products such as creams and serums on the basis of vitamin C are very expensive. I advise you to consume fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C.

Shea butter

Shea butter is fantastic for the skin and it helps alleviate facial blemishes. It is best to take pure Shea butter or in combination with other ingredients which further increases its effect. Shea butter is one of the few products that can be used during pregnancy, and is excellent as a cream for baby’s skin, especially for the baby’s butt as a cream against redness.

Aloe gel

Aloe Vera has incredible moisturizing effect on the skin, soothes and heals any kind of redness and irritation. While choosing the right gel for you make sure that is from organic origin and check twice the composition. It is best to apply it on clean skin at night.

Neem oil

Neem oil is quite effective when it comes to the treatment of scars and blemishes on the face, so products that contain it (natural of course) are from great help.


Marigold is also very useful as a remedy for skin blemishes and scars. It can be used as oil and is applied on clean skin only on those places where there are stains or you should buy cream of marigold (natural without harmful ingredients). We recommend you the cream because except oil from marigold contains other ingredients that are nourishing the skin perfectly such as oil apricot, hollyhocks water, vitamin E and essential grapefruit oil. If you decide to use clean oil from marigold it is best to enrich it with an essential oil such as lavender or lemon (avoid lemon in summer time) and use it to clean skin at night.

Castor oil

Castor oil is great when it comes to facial blemishes. We recommend you combination with aloe gel. Every night on cleansed skin, put a little aloe gel mixed with castor oil. Both ingredients are great for the skin and can be used alone, but we think that castor oil in this combination is ideal because it does not fats the skin (in combination with aloe gel).