According to the pH factor we can measure acidity and alkalinity. As a starting point we take 7 and going down is acid and up is alkaline environment. Speaking of human body we can’t talk of pH of the whole, because every part has different pH.

Skin is acidic, digestive tract is acidic to neutral, blood is alkaline etc. it is important to know that kidneys and the lungs are the organs that keep the pH of the body in balance.  Because our body is water based it is very important that it is pH balanced so it can stay healthy. Our body needs us to drink alkaline water mainly because of the way of nutrition and enormous amounts of processed food, sugar, salt, caffeine  that we use. This way of nutrition makes the body too acidic and so we are tired, have headaches, pain in the abdominal area and our immune system is weakens.

If the environment becomes too acidic, in order to keep the balance and become alkaline deposits the acidic substances in some parts. The increased level of acidity poisons the cells and some of them die, while other adapt and continue to live as poisoned or malignant. They grow without order and move from area to area. But they can not live in alkaline environment. This is why the need to drink alkaline water. It will protect and properly hydrate your body.

To make the alkaline water you need a pitcher that is about 2 liters. Fill it up with pure filtrated water and add one lemon thoroughly washed and cut on eights. Don’t smash or squeeze the lemon just cut it and put it into the water. Finally add a teaspoon of Himalayan salt. Cover the pitcher and let it stay for 8 to 12 hours on a room temperature

When you wake up, drink 3 full glasses of this water on an empty stomach. That is the best way to bring alkaline balance to your body.

Make alkaline water a part of your everyday routine and your body will be hydrated and protected of many diseases.