Increased level of triglycerides in the blood is a diagnose that is most common in the past few years. The disorder happens as a result of unhealthy lifestyle, vitamin poor nutrition and lack of physical activity


Triglycerides actually are fats that are important for healthy organism because they can provide the organism with high amounts of energy. Fats also have their role in the functioning of digestive organs and their health. You can provide your organism with different kinds of triglycerides because they can be as herbal or animal fats. But if the level of triglycerides in human organism increases, it is raising the bad cholesterol and fats start to sediment on the blood vessels which increases the risk of arteriosclerosis.  High triglyceride level is mostly caused by overweight, lack of exercise, consumption of food that is rich in trans-fats and sugars, as well as cigarette addiction or some health disorders.


Balanced, healthy nutrition is the best way to reduce the increased level of triglycerides fast and naturally. When diagnosed with this disorder first thing you have to do is give up some kinds of food. If you immediately remove fast food, processed and canned food especially meat, food that is full with sugar, alcohol and snacks triglycerides will normalize in about a month. Other important thing is to choose the right kind of food that you need in your daily nutrition. Fruit like apples, citrus and red fruit can especially be of great help. When it comes to vegetables, legumes are the best choice. Garlic, olive of grapes seed oil, sea fish and skinless white meat are also healthy choice. Add nuts, avocados and pumpkin seeds as well as coconut oil. Soy milk and tofu are also good choice because they can clear stored fats in the blood vessels. Balance well your diet. Eat early energizing breakfast; low fat yogurt with cereal is best choice. Eat smaller meals and never eat after 6 p.m. increase your physical activity and quit smoking.


Increased level of triglycerides does not require medication because it can be treated natural way. These foods have the best effects on increased level of triglycerides.

Honey is amazing natural remedy for almost every disease. A teaspoon of honey a day will fast and successfully lower the level of triglycerides in the blood.

Garlic is nature’s strongest antioxidant with ability to break the fats and cleans the blood vessels.

Celery and lemon juice improve the digestion and reduce the levels of fat in the organism. Lemon acid can break the structure of triglycerides which makes it easier for the body to eject them. This combination will also help you lose weight.

Parsley can also help you lower triglycerides. It contains vitamin C and has diuretic properties that help expelling of fats out of the organism fast.