An English peasant that lived long and fulfilled life of 152 years thanks to the magic potion that he drank every day is probably the main example why we should add this magic potion to our every day diet.

Whey is really magical liquid. It is very similar to breast milk and good for people of all ages. It contains mostly water and little amount of protein but it is rich in minerals like potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, cobalt, manganese, vitamins, essential enzymes and amino acids. It is also very low in calories and good for everyone that wants to lose weight.


Use this old natural remedy every day and it will help you to treat chronic pain, stress, stomach problems, high blood pressure, liver problems, Candida. This drink will also boost your immunity, prevent overeating help you lose weight and clean your all body of toxins. Regular use of this magic drink will prolong your life and significantly improve it quality.

Whey is a powerful cleaner for the liver. It is rich in beta lacto globulin; it provides the body with amino acids that are the best remedy for liver diseases such as cirrhosis. Whey is rich with tryptophan that is the nutrient responsible for regulation of sleep and mood. Lysosome is also important nutrient that boosts immunity and helps with chronic hepatitis. Whey also contains antioxidants that help with inflammations and protect the liver from toxins.

Use whey if you are active and do some sport. It is full with electrolytes and it provides perfect hydration to the body. It also has ability to act like energy drink to the body. Whey contains protein that is the most important for muscle growing and it also suppresses the appetite, helps weight loss and helps the body recover after hard workout.

Regular use of whey can lower the level of glucose in the blood and regulate blood pressure. Whey has positive effect on the nerves and can suppress the harmful effects of stress.

Whey contains lactic acid with low pH. It reduces the amount of fungi and bacteria in the digestive system and improves its functioning. It is good for constipation, cramps, bloating and all kinds of inflammations in the digestive organs.


The most important thing about these natural remedies it that you can prepare them on your own. Only thing you need is raw homemade milk. It is also very easy to buy whey: you can find it on the farmers market or in the healthy food stores. The best option is whey from goat milk, but if you can’t find that cow milk whey will also serve. Don’t forget that the best whey will be the one made from free range animals. If you curdle 10 liters of milk you’ll get about 1 kilogram of cheese and 9 liters of whey.


Whey is strong diuretic and therefore it is the best to start using small amounts first so that the organism gets used to it. Start with 150 ml dose 3 times a day and slowly increase the doses to get to a liter a day. If you have digestion problems dilute a tablespoon of whey in a glass of water and drink it 3 times a day.

Whey can also be used as a beauty product for hair and skin care. You can add it to your smoothies and use it for baking and also give it to your pets.