Iron deficiency is very common health problem especially among women. It may cause serious disorders in your health and lower the quality of your life. Iron deficiency is also linked to anemia, another serious health problem that can cause serious complications on your health. One of the most certain methods that can determine you have iron deficiency is a simple blood test, but you can also recognize the signs and symptoms that your body is sending you, because in most cases they may indicate deficiency of iron level in the blood.



Iron is important in the synthesis of hemoglobin. It is important because it supplies the body with oxygen. If the amounts of oxygen that come to your body cells are lowered you may feel tired and exhausted all the time. This is probably because your body lacks a lot of healthy blood cells.

Pale skin

If your skin tone is similar to a porcelain doll it is a sign that the amounts of your iron and red blood cells are very low and your skin shows like it is washed off of all pigment.

Problems with your regular workout

If you are active and have a regular workout program that you are not able to do completely it is probably because you lack iron in the blood. Deficiency of iron can cause weakness in the muscles and the whole body, which makes it so hard to do your regular routine.

Muscle inflammation

Inflammation and pain in the muscles usually follows when you start to work out or after a longer break. But if you go to the gum regularly and you still feel pain and your muscles are inflamed it may mean that you need iron in the blood. Low iron level in the blood mean that your muscles can’t get as much oxygen as they need and it is harder for them to recover.

Concentration problems

If you are dealing with iron deficiency your body is not able to do the synthesis of neurotransmitters properly and it will cause concentration problems. You can’t concentrate and you are quickly losing focus and are not able to do work that is usual for you.


Apathy is a state of indifference, lack of any kind of emotion or concern. Lack of iron in the blood can make you feel apathy to people as well as events in your life.

Shortness of breath

Sudden attacks of breath loss during gum workout or a walk can be a sign that you lack iron in the blood. This happens because your body needs the oxygen, but the hemoglobin level cannot supply all of its needs.

Brittle and weak nails

If you have deficiency of iron in the blood it can usually show on your nails. Your nails are brittle, fragile; they brake often or start to form layers, it is probably because you have low blood iron level.

Constant colds

Lack of iron causes immunity problems, so if you suffer from constant colds or problems with respiratory organs it can be because you have iron deficiency in the blood.

Rosy color urine

You probably noticed that your urine changes the color to rosy especially if you eat beetroot regularly. But this condition is very common among people with iron deficiency probably because lack of iron causes increased pigment absorption and the urine color changes to rose.


If you are experiencing some of these signs and symptoms it is recommended to do a blood test and see if it really is iron deficiency that is causing them. The therapy usually includes supplements, but adopting some changes in the nutrition because there are so many sources of iron you can add to your every day menu and can also be helpful and solve the problem with iron deficiency.