When My Gynecologist Detects A Cysts Or Fibroids, I Only Drink This And All My Problems Disappear In 4 Days!

There are thousands of women who are diagnosed with ovarian myomas and cysts. Young women and whose who are about to enter the menopause are at the highest risks. These fibroids appear for no apparent reason and they are not a serious issue. However, they may cause pain and discomfort. For this reason you should better detect and fight them on time.

Myoma is a benign tumor which forms on the muscular layer of the uterus, starting to develop and grow, affecting the health and causing pain. Even though it is not a serious issue, you must not neglect it. You should better visit a specialist in order to avoid risks. Hormonal imbalance actually promotes its development.

Home remedy for fibroids and cysts


25 liter of honey;
1 liter of beet juice.

How to prepare it: first you must count on the preciously prepared beet juice, or buy an already prepared one. When you have the beet juice, place it into a blender and add the honey, and liquefy them.

Dosage: Take 1 glass of the juice with every meal daily. One glass after breakfast, one after lunch, and one after dinner.

In a few days the cysts and myomas will go away.