Drink 1 Glass of This Juice to Recover Your Kidneys in 1 Week!

The condition of the kidneys is often exacerbated without our knowledge, and no one notices the symptoms.

If we want to have a long life without kidney problems who are exercising one of the most important functions in the body, it’s time to do something.

We can pay more attention to diet and drink in the future, but the damage that they have done in the past can also be fixed with a glass health.

That glass health consists:

1 lemon,
1 kiwi,
4 walnuts,
1 banana,
some fresh parsley and a glass of water.

All the ingredients put into a blender, add the water and drink it immediately to your kidney health.

Drink several times a week, if you can’t every day, but immediately forget the option not to drink at all.

Prevent diseases and infections that can attack the kidneys, because this glass health will not take a lot of time in preparation, and will give health with every sip!

Cranberries to Improve Kidney Health

In the 1600s, American settlers found many uses for the fruit. Cranberries, along with leaves from the cranberry plant, were used for treatment of fever, mumps, swollen glands, digestive tract ailments and liver conditions. They were also made into a dressing and applied to wounds to help them heal.

In the early days of the United States, folks used cranberries to help prevent scurvy, a condition caused by lack of vitamin C. Ships’ captains were sure to bring along plenty of cranberries to keep their sailors healthy while they were out at sea.

After studying the effect that cranberries can have on the body, they found that people who drink cranberry juice have fewer urinary tract infections than people who don’t drink it. Frequent and untreated urinary tract infections may lead to infection in the kidneys. Chronic kidney infection is a risk factor for chronic kidney disease.

One way that cranberry juice helps prevent urinary tract infections is by making urine more acidic. Because bacteria grow best in alkaline environments, the acid helps keep bacteria from thriving.

Homemade Cranberry Juice (with some Honey)

This cranberry juice does not contain any hidden sugars or artificial flavors, so you are on control of the ingredients. Buy 1 or 2 large packs of Cranberries, either frozen or fresh.

> First wash all the cranberries and then drain them accordingly.

> Combine one pound of these cranberries with one quart of water in a big pan and boil on the stove.

> Cook together until you begin to hear noises from the excited cranberries.

> Strain the almost ready cranberry juice through a fine strainer preferably with a cheese cloth to keep any particles away from the smoothness of it (you should see a lovely bright pinkish color!)

> Let it cool off and then heat it up when you want to drink it again.

> I add them to jars so the rest can be stored in the refrigerator.

Once you are ready to devour the cranberry juice, I would suggest adding a touch of honey to it (especially if you have a sweet tooth). Grab a teaspoon and take a drop of honey to add a sense of sweetness to the sour cranberry juice.