Coconut Oil And Baking Soda Can Kill Cancer

One woman was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma skin cancer (on the top of her head) and after her daughter persuaded her to apply pasta from baking soda directly on the area, the woman defeated the cancer.

Her mother didn’t want to try the treatment at first, but Azizo, a famous writer who embraced natural medicine, found about many people who healed skin cancer with a mixture prepared with baking soda or soda bicarbonate.

Although she had three operations the cancer was always back even worse. At the end her mother made a decision to try natural remedies so she begun using a mixture with pure cold pressed organic coconut oil and baking soda.

She knew the fact that coconut oil contained skin cellular regenerative powers, so she applied the thick pasta on the affected area. She didn’t rub in the paste, only applied it gently on the area

The only medicine from conventional medicine that she used  at night was Polysporin Triple 3 Antibiotics. You may use creams with antibiotic to prevent bacterial infection on the affected area. A good solution is Colloidal silver soaked cotton.

Don’t continue using the cream when the wound is closed. Besides applying baking soda with coconut oil she also used a cotton ball soaked in vinegar to apply it on the skin. In this way the baking soda penetrated into the basal cell carcinoma roots under the skin’s surface. For this to be achieved DMSO is even better solvent.

Azizo’s mother did the treatment for 38 days after which she defeated cancer completely and the wound healed as well. Melanoma is more mortal skin cancer than this type, although basal cell carcinoma skin cancer will continue with spreading if not treated.

They were using baking soda which is found in every house, nothing expensive or extraordinary. There is aluminum in baking soda so use the one which is labeled as aluminum free.

As we already know tumors live only in acidic environments and the baking soda makes the environment alkaline.

Dramatic Life and Death Story

Vernon Johnston with the help of Veteran’s Administration found that he suffered from prostate cancer stage 3.He had no money and was divorced. The cancer spread in the hip area. He had an appointment with a doctor in several weeks about a therapy and one of his sons convinced him to use several substances that will make his body alkaline.

Although he purchased cesium it never arrived. Instead of maple syrup he used blackstrap molasses together with baking soda. The blackstrap molasses was a Trojan Horse which would open the cancer cells so they could be more affected by alkaline properties of the baking soda, and in this way they will be destroyed more quickly.

After using this mixture for two weeks his bone scan showed that the cancer was not spreading. The PSA fell from 22 to 5 to 1 during the treatment.

While he was using this remedy, Vernon spend a lot of hours in the sun, he did breathing exercises to increase the oxygen level in the cancer areas, and also improved his diet using only raw fruit and vegetables.

Vernon also had a positive attitude, which is explained in his book “Vernon’s Dance With Cancer: After the Jolt”. He wrote the book 5 years after the treatment. He gives lectures now and after 5 years he is still healthy.

The word “producing” follows the word “Alkaline”. Some alkaline substances do not make your body alkaline and some acidic products as lemons and limes turn into alkaline in the body. This means that do not use alkalized water to make the pH from acidic to alkaline. On the other hand baking soda is alkaline and makes the environment alkaline as well.

Dr.Mark Sircus writes about baking soda as a remedy against cancer. In his book-Sodium Bicarbonate – Full Medical Review he wrote about baking soda in cancer treatment and for other medical conditions also.

An Italian former oncology surgeon, who is now alternative health practitioner, uses baking soda solution as an injection in the blood vessels against tumors.

“There is no more effective anti-fungal conventional medicine than the soda bicarbonate or baking soda”-claims Dr. Simoncini. He also says that cancer develops faster on fungal colonies and that even fungus creates cancer. These statements lead to losing his physician certification in Italy.

What is certainly true is that baking soda should be examined. It would be reasonable to be considered as a remedy against severe disease and surely used in not so serious medical