Juice Recipes: Healthy Orange - Apple - Celery - Lemon - Ginger Juice Recipe

Make a morning juice with apple and celery to cleanse your body of toxins, improve kidney function and lower blood pressure; oranges for a hearty dose of immune boosting Vitamin C; lemon to clear your digestive system and purify your liver; and ginger, an aromatic antioxidant with direct anti-inflammatory effects known to effectively alleviate symptoms of gastrointestinal distress.

Healthy Orange  Apple - Celery - Lemon - Ginger Juice Recipe

2 oranges
2 green apples
1 celery stalk
½ lemon
Ginger, to taste

Use a juicer to extract the nutrient-dense juice from the oranges, apples, celery, lemon and ginger. Drink immediately.