Fat Burning Foods and Healthy Eating Tips

A whole week has gone by and we have taken a pretty in depth look at what's healthy and what's not. I hope this weeks blogs have been informative and fun for you and that they help you along to a more healthier YOU.

Here is a list of Super Fat Burning Foods:
Green Tea
Fat free milk and dairy products
Beans and legumes
Some peanutbutters
Berries! Eg: blueberries.
Spinach and green veggies
True Wholegrain products
Fatty fish like tuna and salmon
Enova Oils and Olive Oils - not easily stored as fats
Almonds and other nuts (in moderation)
Lemon and lime juice (fresh)

The worst mistake most people make when on a diet is to completely cut out most proteins; carbs and sugars. Your body cannot repair itself if you cut out all proteins and it cannot produce enough healthy energy to keep you going if you cut out all carbs and sugars too. The best diet is a balanced diet and remember to reward yourself once a week with a treat. Don't deny yourself everything because that is what makes a diet harder to accomplish successfully.

Exercise and 2l of water a day should be part of your lifestyle and try eat 5 smaller meals a day rather than 3 huge ones. Saturated Fats should be avoided and try go for healthier options like butter instead of margerine and rye bread instead of white bread. Refined wheats and sugars should also be avoided and don't forget; 80% Cocoa chocolate is not only healthy but helps burn fat too; so does eating a small block of cheese (about the size of your pinky nail) after dinner too. Remember that it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to register that you are full; so dish up your food in a side plate or saucer instead of a dinner plate (to make your food look more) and chew slowly and thoroughly. Fresh squeezed juicers like apple and carrot juice also help to absorb fiber quickly and allow you to get nutrients almost instantly. Eating a poached or boiled egg or an egg white omelette 3 times a week also helps to burn fat too.

Control your portions and look for healthier substitutes rather than cut something out completely. A cucumber has no nutritional value; so you can eat as much as you like; unbuttered, unsalted popcorn is also a healthy, fiber-filled snack that fills you and trimming unnecessary skin and fats off of meats before grilling or steaming minimizes calorie intake and helps burn fat quickly. Add lemon juice or vinegar to your meal (even lime juice); it helps break down fats. Try drinking 2 glasses of water 30 minutes before eating and chew slowly. Your stomach will fill up quicker. Also; cut out that one extra sugar from your coffee and tea - also, coffee and tea are diuretics (which means they can dehydrate you), so for every cup of tea or coffee you drink; you should be drinking 2 glasses of water to compensate.

Oh, and I found that starting a diet on a Monday is really not a clever plan - rather start it midweek, like a Wednesday or on a Saturday instead; this helps you mentally accept the diet more easily. It is also psychological to always be hungry when you keep telling yourself you are on a diet; best thing is to snack on what we call "free foods"; these are foods you can eat all day long that won't affect your diet but will help fill those nagging hunger pangs. Free foods include: boiled egg whites (NOT the yolks); steamed veggies; berries; cucumber; mushrooms; lettuce and tomatoes. Carrot sticks and unbuttered; unsalted popcorn are also good snack ideas. Your food preparation methods are also important! Rather grill or steam instead of deep frying or baking and....

My final word is this:
On a diet you should be breakfasting like a king; lunching like a prince and dinnering like a pauper.!!
And that closes up our health week here on The Chef Mother. Take it easy this week, peeps! Look after yourselves and your loved ones too.